Exploring Meramec Springs State Park

With the Missouri temperatures starting to drop, and the days getting shorter the leaves at Meramec Springs State Park will be putting on a spectacular color show before falling to the ground.

I recently had the opportunity to explore part of the 1800 acres that make up beautiful Meremac Springs Park. Meremac is home to thousands of Rainbow Trout & Brown Trout; from March 1 – October 31 the 6/10 of a mile fishing stream is stocked with over 900,000 trout that will reach approximately 12 inches long when caught!

Meremac Springs is run by the James Foundation, and is the 5th largest spring in Missouri.

The top 5 Springs in Missouri are:

  1. Big Spring, Carter County, MO
  2. Mammoth Spring, Fulton County, MO
  3. Greer Spring, Oregon County, MO
  4. Bennett Spring, Dallas County, MO
  5. Meramec Springs, Phelps County, MO

Meremac Spring Park was originally home to Meremac Iron works from 1826 – 1876, and during its peak the company town had a population of over 500 people. Due to the distance from markets as well as poor means of transportation at the time caused the closing of the Iron town in 1876. During it’s prime, the small town made things such as kettles, plows, and accessories for wagons to name a few.

The last member of the James family to have control of the area now known as Meremac Springs was Lucy Wortham James. Upon her death in 1938 she mandated that the land be “ever open to the enjoyment of the people”, and not privately owned. Thus the James Foundation was founded to take care of the 1800 acres once owned by her family.

There are so many things to do at Meremac Springs park from camping, picnicking, hiking, and fishing to name a few. The park puts on several events during the year; to see a current list of events check out their website at www.meremacspringpark.com

Meremac Springs Park is truly one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen in Missouri, I hope you decide to take a trip to Missouri and check it out for yourself! There is plenty to see and do for any nature lover.

Published by Cheryl Baker

I am a blogger living in the Midwest with dreams of blogging all over the world. My passions are food, family, fashion and fun!

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